Welcome to Matthew Concrete. If you are looking for a quality concrete contractor in St. Thomas, U.S.V.I.  then you are at the right place. We specialize in installation and repair of all kind of concrete to include: concrete form work, concrete foundations, large building concrete work, concrete repairs, concrete pumping,  and more.. We serve both residential and commercial so no matter if you own a building, business, or home we will do the concrete work for you. We are committed to provide our customer high level of satisfaction with quality workmanship and service.

Locally owned and operated business company. At our company, our concrete installers are highly skilled, experienced and courteous. We also remove concrete related violations if you have any on your building, business or home we can help you removing it. We use high quality of concrete material to finish job.

We are fully bonded and insured company, we are committed to our customers to provide you with high quality of concrete services with less cost.


  • Craig Kirchoff. Island Storage System/LBW/Cross wind Inc (340) 690 2595
  • Pat O’Donnell. UVI Capital Project Director (617) 835 3962
  • Jeff Miles. Project Director Springline Architect (340) 626 8426
  • Wes Cobb/Jerry L. Johnson & Associates. Administrator of AT&T South East Region
  • (770) 961 7600
  • Donald Pomeranz. St. Thomas Synagogue (340) 774 4312
  • Mina Orenstein. St. Thomas Synagogue Same as Above
  • Dexter Freeman. AT&T of Virgin Island (340) 774 5754
  • Eyal Barazany. Mountain Top (340) 774 2400